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The Dirrogate – Screenplay now on The BlckLst.

on May 24, 2014



Genre: Psychological Sci-fi

Logline: A young genius developing Surrogate technology for the Indian Military uses it to resurrect his girlfriend who was killed by it’s misuse, and in the process redefines the Hindu belief of Jatismara and reincarnation.

The screenplay is based on “Memories with Maya”.

The protagonist, Daniel, (Dan) late 20s, hacks his destiny every step of the way. He is egocentric, and makes no bones about it. For Dan, logic rules, and “faith” is for the weak.

The story also looks at how current and emerging technology becomes an integral part of human intimate relationships…even after death.  The story details how Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence will merge – allowing us to spawn Digital Surrogates in our own likeness – our DIRROGATES.

“Memories with Maya” the novel, has been received well on such respected science and sci-fi sites such as, Mashable, The IEET, and the Huffington Post.


While movies like “Her”, “Transcendence”  and other AI movies have a lot of fantasy woven in with the science…

The Dirrogate has:

– Hard science, which has been praised in reviews and has been excepted and referenced by articles on KuwzweilAI, Mashable, the popular science site and even the Huffington Post

– With scenes set in real locations in India (Bombay) – a huge demographic (late teens – 40) gets targeted, guaranteeing commercial viability.

– Grounded sci-fi for an intelligent audience. Readers are urged to read the screenplay in it’s entirety and resist the urge to skim – Yes there is an inciting incident in the first 10 pages. NO, the screenplay won’t devolve into Formulaic plotting.

– One of the few psychological Sci-fi screenplays out there. No aliens, no superpowers, no time-travel … Oh Wait! (spoiler)