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Taxels – Smart Skin for Transhumans

on Apr 29, 2013



Cyber Skin – From Chapter 8: Memories with Maya – The Dirrogate

He went to a safe and unlocked it, taking out a transparent case and bringing it back to the desk. We leaned in to have a look. The object looked like a skin colored adhesive bandage. Only on closer inspection did we see the intricate circuitry printed on it.

What is it?” I asked.

All I can tell you now,” he said, “is that it’s a hybrid semiconductor and nanotechnology based design and it allows us remote tactile sensing capability.”

Cyber Skin?” I said. My eyes must have widened, because he smiled.

Even I don’t know its true potential, nor understand exactly how it’s created, but I do know we should investigate how it can be applied in projects such as DRONE.”

This is amazing,” I said, “and it’s all being done right here?”

Not all,” he said. “We work with other scientific research centers and share data. It’s my job to see how these disparate technology advances can be brought together to put us ahead of others, while benefiting mankind at the same time,” he said. “One thing I did ask the team was if it’s possible to transmit the tactile data stream from such a patch of skin to a remote location.”

So our Drones and Dirrogates can feel?” Krish said.

Precisely. With a Quad we could theoretically maneuver a simple armature equipped with a skin patch to send a remote feel-stream.” Prof said. “At the control center a glove covered with the same material but with the sensors touching our skin, could reproduce the sensation electrically.”

Did they say it can be done?” I asked.

Not yet, but it’s something they can work on. Etching a wireless antenna for remote transmission of the data stream is possible in such a hybrid design.”

Now it looks like Scientists have done exactly this by creating an “Addressable Matrix of Vertical-Nanowire Piezotronic Transistors for Active/Adaptive Tactile Imaging” or — Taxel.

Read the BBC article here: Smart Skin hope for Touch

The ScienceMag text here: TAXEL

and a detailed Georgia Tech Pdf: here :

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