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Study Street – A featured location in Memories with Maya

on Jan 19, 2013


(image credit: Marketplace/Gagliano)

Study Street: Appears in the book Memories With Maya.

The Protagonist and his friend come up with an idea to turn the lamp-posts on the street into digital learning centers to help students who study under the street lights. In doing so, they gain insights that help them in a higher end project.

Read some of the ideas for a “Digital Study Street” for students and the benefits.

Below, an excerpt from Chapter 8 of the novel:

As we passed Study Street, a peculiar sight caught my attention. I asked the driver to halt. Krish had a smile on his face. We got out of the car and crossed the street. Gathered in small groups under the cone of the phosphor and sulfur street lights were kids sitting cross legged on the pavement with slates in their hands.

Two boys looked up and waved at Krish. He acknowledged them.

You did this?” I asked.

Get your phone out and search for the network,” he said.

Logging into free network Study Street,” I said.

Correct,” he said. “The network is restricted to educational Internet resources and online libraries.”

He pointed to the top of one of the lampposts. I could see the wireless access point in there in weather proof housing. We walked down the street. There were more children with digital slates.

Who paid for all this?” I asked.

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