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Review of Memories with Maya by Futurist – Giulio Prisco.

on Jul 31, 2013


I would like to thank futurist and transhumanism editor, Giulio Prisco for his insightful review of the story and the underlying message(s) in Memories with Maya. The review has been published on

Giulio’s review and my brief interaction with him and reading his writings on will be one of the resources I will turn to while researching science and ethics for the sequel to Memories with Maya – The Dirrogate, when I begin writing later this year.

A few choice snippets from Giulio’s review below:

“…I look forward to meeting again some of the characters of Memories with Maya … and not just those who make it to the end of the book alive…”

“…[“If your body died, but you had a mindclone, you would not feel that you personally died, although the body would be missed more sorely than amputees miss their limbs.”] I think it would be very cool to combine this concept with the advanced augmented-reality technology described in the novel…”

“…He introduces the “Wizer,” an augmented-reality, see-through visor driven by AGI (artificial general intelligence) — Google Glass on steroids…”

Read the full review :here:



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