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Realtime Photorealistic Human Skin rendering

on Jan 18, 2013

 “Not artists; CGI demigods,” I corrected him.

He said perception is in the eye of the beholder… or something to that effect.”

Maybe he said realism?” I offered.

Yeah. Maybe. Turns out he is a believer and subscribes to the concept of transhumanism,” Krish said, adjusting the Wizer on the bridge of his nose. “He believes the catalyst for widespread acceptance of transhumanism has to be based on visual fidelity or the entire construct will be stymied by the human brain and mind.”

Hmm… the uncanny valley effect? It has to be love at first sight, if we are to accept an augmented person huh.”

Didn’t know you followed the movement,” he said.

Look around us. Am I really here in person?”

The above is from chapter 6 of the story Memories with Maya.

Realtime photorealistic rendering of human skin is gaining ground.

This video shows work being done by the very talented Jorge Jiminez.

Don’t Forget:

You can download a working realtime demo executable to see and change parameters in real-time from the Iryoku page’s downloads link, or directly access it :here: (PC version only)

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