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Near future Fire Fighting Robot “Drones” being tested

on Aug 15, 2013


From Chapter 4:

…”The engineering team at AYREE had done a slick job embedding those tiny cameras. Using the same code tweaked from the tests we’d done in the food court, the Wizer was given the ability to generate a depth map of everything in its field of view.

I moved my head from side to side in an arc. A 3D model of the real world was taking shape in real-time.

The video was draped over”…


Dirrogate science is now becoming reality in the form of “FFRs” or – Fire Fighting Robots, being developed by engineers at UCSD’s Jacobs School of Engineering.

” The prototype is about a foot tall and 8 inches wide and rolls on a pair of wheels with a metal leg that lets it climb stairs and right itself if it falls down, Bewley [mechanical engineering professor at the University of California-San Diego],said.

Special cameras mounted on the robot allow it to produce three-dimensional images that show the interior of a burning building and the temperature of items in the structure.

“It builds up a virtual reality, the same kind of thing you explore in a shooter (video) game like World of Warcraft,” Bewley said.

The idea is for several of the robots to be deployed at once into a burning building while firefighters set up their equipment outside.

The firefighters will give the robots general instructions on what to look for but once inside, the robots will be on their own, using artificial intelligence to work as a team exploring the building, Bewley said.

Read the entire article about FireFighting Robots on MSN News.


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