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MAYA – Augmented Reality BookCover

on Mar 9, 2015


MAYA – The Book-cover Augmented Reality Experience:

Using Augmented Reality, the Book cover of MAYA brings to life characters from the story, allowing their “Digital Surrogates” to enter the real world.

Readers who pick up the book at any of the book stores, will be able to take a “selfie” with Dan or Maya simply by aiming their camera phones at the book cover in book-stores or at home.

Steps to bring alive Dan or Maya:

  • Download the free Junaio app for iOS or Android from Itunes or GooglePlay.
    Once the app starts, press “scan” while aiming the phone or tablet’s camera at the cover image of the book.
  • Wait until the “MAYA” channel loads (can take a few seconds depending on internet speed and data/3G/Wifi charges may apply)
  • Read the brief help message and dismiss the info screen by clicking the “X” icon.
  • The Phones camera will now switch to the front facing camera.
  • Hold the book cover next to your face and See Dan or Maya appear live – next to you.
  • Click anywhere on the screen to take a “Snapshot” selfie.


Readers can then post these selfies to “MAYA’s” profile page on Facebook or tweet it directly from the app.

Today, people in Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) interact with each other across the miles – as do Dan and Maya – in the story.

Dan’s work involves creating commercially viable Augmented Reality solutions. His girlfriend Maya, and her family return to their homeland due to her father’s illness.
Dan and Maya continue their relationship via “Digital Surrogates”, experiencing human touch through haptics. If you were in a long distance relationship, but could “see” and “feel” your lover in your living room, sitting right next as you… would distance matter?

Ongoing AR experiences from the story are planned allowing readers to bond with the characters in the book, seeing them right in their own living rooms or locations similar to those described in the book.