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How you get hacked at Coffee Shops

on Apr 27, 2013


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Taken from the first chapter of Memories with Maya:

A corporate deal was going down, and I wanted in on it.
I switched to the remote access app on my cellphone, and my laptop’s screen showed up. Thirty-five connections already.


I nuked them all.


The woman and the two men had their laptops out. I looked at the clients beginning to reconnect to the Copa Cabbana2 network.

It was the coffee shop’s network I was spoofing. I scrolled through the list of clients connected and scanned the area. There were only four people with laptops, and the other three didn’t look like a Cheryl. So the hot business woman had a name: Cheryl PC. I’d stick with only her first name. The other connections were from cellphones and digital slates.


I could tell laptops from slates and phones by the operating systems showing up as people clicked through the ads to access the free Internet service. I made decent money running a free wireless access point in public places, routing people through a landing page that generated advertising revenue for me.

The earnings more than made up for the monthly data package I was paying for. But that was not where the big money was. One laptop came up as Magnus HP. I looked around. The only person who looked Magnus enough was the man in the blue blazer. People like Cheryl and Magnus were my gold mines.


I swiped through the tabs on the app to access the key-logger. The sniffer was running fine. A stream of possible user names and passwords were filling the columns.

Not everyone used encrypted traffic on public networks; it was a shame. —Memories with Maya



Learn how the threat of hacking is very real in coffee-shops, from an article titled “How You Get Hacked at Starbucks“, posted on MASHABLE, today (27th April 2013)

Injecting Digital Content into Real Life: – Digital Marketing for the Transhuman Age

As food for thought…

What if Digital Marketing agencies use such public networks to “breach” the Digital Wall that consumers have around them? In every modern mall or street, we have people walking around with headphones, smartphones etc..

In effect people are walking the real world, oblivious to their surroundings…yet simultaneously they are tethered to a digital world.
Smart AD and Marketing agencies could leverage this fact by┬áincentivising people via limited radius wifi access, say around a vending machine or bus-stop, and thus┬áinject digital content, even using Augmented reality and more…


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