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Fundawear – Virtual Sex underwear (click to read)

on Apr 22, 2013

This isn’t all about erotica and Teledildonics…

  • What if you could digitize a loved one’s unique “Feel stream” reminisce, long after they’re gone? 
  • What if… Durexperiment sold pre-recorded Anjelina Jolie or “Bieber touch streams”  (yes I realize he’s 19…tell that to all the women fantasizing about him). Most people would love to buy these add-ons.

When writing the book Memories with Maya – The Dirrogate, I wasn’t aware that similar tech was already being worked on by Durex Australia. The FUNDAWEAR experiment can be found on Facebook.

An excerpt from page 18 of Memories with Maya describes the experience well:

I transferred the call to the big screen.
There she was in all her raw beauty, life-sized, smiling.
“Mmm mmm,” she said.
I followed her eyes traveling down my body. Two soapy
puddles had formed on the polished parquet floorboards,
one around my legs and another some inches in front. I
grinned. “You like?”
“Gimme now.” Her voice came over the surround speakers. Almost as if she was in the room, whispering in my ear.
“I thought you were Krish,” I said, then realized how
weird it sounded.
“Well, whatever gets your motor running!”
I stuck my tongue out at her. “No, I mean he was supposed to call.”
“We better hurry,” she said, slipping on the tight spandex triangle. I watched her hit the button on the waistband
and a blue LED lit up. Almost instantly the glove on my sidetable buzzed and moved. Not bad latency! I picked up the
glove and wore it.
She smoothed a wrinkle in the panties with her bare
hand, and the haptic pads at the center of my glove came to
life. She smiled and sat on her chair, swiveling around to face
her camera. A better angle. I sank back on the couch, feeling
the cold leather on my skin. She liked being passive in the
first round, so I slid the switch on the glove from slave to
master. I moved my finger, relishing its silicon touch on me
as I ran slow circles around my sensitive skin. A second later,
the image on the screen arched up in the chair, and her eyes
locked onto mine. She must have placed her camera right on
top of her monitor. The call was clear enough to see the rubbery spandex undulate. I watched as I created a camel-toe
masterpiece remotely.
The haptic pads did their thing and pressed into her
when I put pressure with the fingertips on myself.
Teledildonics was sci-fi only a few years ago, yet there we
were, pleasuring each other without physical contact. I
curled my fingers, forming a fist, sensing the pads of the
glove press against my skin and seeing the effect echoed in
the blue spandex triangle on-screen. Her eyes closed.
She was not looking at her screen anymore, only sitting
with her head thrown back, chin pointed at the ceiling. Her
legs were spread over the arms of the chair. I ran my hand up
and down in a slow rhythm, activating almost all those tiny
silicon nubs that covered the inner surface of that marvel of
Korean engineering.
I couldn’t resist buying it when I first saw it in a shop
window on a visit to Seoul. The center of the panties were a
shallow trough, the silicon tips no doubt extended to their
maximum. They were massaging her. There it was, her hot
overbite again. A few moments later, her eyes opened. There
were those thick lashes that I loved when she butterfly kissed
me all over. My hand was moving at a steady pace.
“Stand. I wanna see you in full view,” she said.
As I stood, she rolled her chair forward, coming closer to
the camera. Her lips and open mouth filled the screen in
front of me. Inch by inch, her tongue extended from her
mouth. I groaned. She must have heard it on her speakers…
she pushed back and watched, smiling in appreciation as another puddle appeared on my floor. I removed the glove and
collapsed on the couch.
“Flattered?” I said, blowing her a kiss.
She blew one back. “Is this how it’s going to be from now
“I wish you weren’t leaving,” I said.
“Long-distance never works out, Dan. How does this
“It doesn’t have to. It worked out fine. Does it matter if
you’re across town or the other side of the world?”
“It’s not the same. It’s not real. What happens if you meet
someone?” she asked.
“I’ll be virtually faithful to you.”
She lowered her head. I could have kicked myself…
A bit on the science behind Fundawear:

#transhumanism #immortality #singularity


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