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Drones, Quads, Beer and Champagne – (click to read)

on May 6, 2013

In Chapter 8 – The Nightclub scene:

He put on his Wizer, and I knew he could instantly see the mesh of speakers arranged in an umbrella pattern.

They were almost invisible to the naked eye in the darkened club ceiling. He gestured with his hand as if hurling a lightning bolt and sent a thunder clap sample to a group of speakers that were dead center over the dance floor.

The infra red error correction enhanced software running the modified FishEye interpreted his gestures with millimeter accuracy. Five of the Quads took off from the bar and hovered over the dance floor.

On cue as the music rose to a crescendo, the Quads synchronized and tilted.

Champagne rained on the crowd from bottles secured to the Quads.

There was a roar from the dance floor as people turned their heads to catch the drizzle of expensive rain that had been bottled a good many years ago. The Quads glided in formation over the floor, and as the music climaxed they flew off to their base stations at the bar.

James was like a maestro, performing with his hands, panning music around the canopy of speakers overhead. He hurled a heavy rain sample at a ring of speakers as the Quads re-appeared and poured another round of champagne on the crowds. 

And now it seems something similar might happen at the OppiKoppi fest in South Africa.

(Image Credit: Screen grab from Youtube)

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